I’m Mike. I am a photographer based in Santa Rosa, CA. I also do all of my own retouching. I take seriously the practice of my craft and approach each session or project with the utmost professionalism. My sessions are relaxed and conversational. My most important concern is that you're at ease and confident that we'll get the images you're looking for. To ensure that the session or project is hassle free I try to make sure we start with a good understanding of what you wish to accomplish and how I might accomplish that for you. I try to address as many concerns as I can before we begin so that once we start we can focus on getting good pictures. I appreciate your time and your consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The Artist’s Clause (The Non-Guarantee)
If upon viewing samples of my work you decide to invest in my services you probably have an expectation of what the images will look like. 
As an artist, I can't guarantee unconditionally that I can match exactly the effect you might see in a current image. I have no set lighting formula or photoshop preset that I always use. I have some strategies I typically use but I make adjustments in the moment that I feel works best with the subject in front of me. 
Experience lets me predict with some precision that the work will be of the same style and quality as previous work but my interaction with the subject when the image is captured and then with the image while processing it are fluid to some degree. 
This isn't however artistic license to experiment at your expense. My work is too important to me as well is my reputation with you. My desire and intention is to provide you with an image you will want. 
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